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Nude on Couch Pics

Posted on July 14th, 2007 by Webmaster

I don’t know if I can honestly say I’ve saved the best for last of this back-to-back-back updating spree of new Sweet Victoria galleries, but that is only because they’ve all been so darn hot!

I will say that she appears the most nude in this one: topless about half way in! She’s also wearing the smallest thong to drive you wild as she shows off her juicy badonkadonk ass! There’s even some nice glimpses of her feet for those who like to look at pics of cute feet.

Victoria really has it going on, and this gallery is definitely a smörgåsbord of her sexiness presented for your enjoyment. So go on, enjoy it, already!

5 Responses to “Nude on Couch Pics”

  1. Gradius Says:

    I really don’t know what to say after this one. I was still recovering from the first two when this came along… I honestly don’t know if there are enough words left to say how wonderful this, and you, really are. All I can give back are my words… I hope they’re enough, I try to make them worth at least something. Having you here is worth more than I could ever give and more than I will probably ever have. Just keep giving all you can, and I’ll give back everything I have, every time.


    “There be none of Beauty’s daughters
    With a magic like thee;
    And like music on the waters
    Is thy sweet voice to me.” — Lord Byron, Stanzas for Music

  2. okmister1 Says:

    OK, I’m going slightly nuts trying to find these sets on Cam with Her. When I click on Victoria’s section they aren’t there.

  3. crnorris2007 Says:

    She has got the nicest as I’ve ever seen… and believe me, I’ve been around and back… SV is a gorgeous woman, no doubt at all..

    Carlos, Bowie, MD

  4. Wade Says:

    Is there a part of you that isn’t cute?

  5. BCMM123 Says:

    Gorgeous body, no doubt.

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