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White Lingerie Pics

Posted on July 13th, 2007 by Webmaster

I told you kids that we’d have another update today! In fact, we’ll have some more new Victoria pics tomorrow, too!

For this gallery, though, Sweet Victoria tries on white lingerie. Her large natural breasts bursting out of the top, the bottom trying to hug around her most curvaceous ass covered only but a tight little thong. All while teasing her deliciously flat stomach. Yum!

3 Responses to “White Lingerie Pics”

  1. Gradius Says:

    Say what you will, but those eyes will always be my favorite part of these photo sets, and to be honest, my favorite part of you. It does sound clichéd, but it’s every bit the truth. I look into them and I find myself hypnotized every time, one of those things I just can’t explain except to say that it gives me a feeling I never want to lose. It’s definitely something special that few possess, and certainly none like you.


    “Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.” — Stendhal

  2. Wade Says:

    Very nice, but I’d rather see you move and talk.

  3. BCMM123 Says:

    Very sexy, excellent job.

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