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Just Dropping In

Posted on August 20th, 2007 by Sweet Victoria

Heya guys 😀

So, this weekend I saw SuperBad. It was the funniest movie I have ever seen! Honestly!! Even though I was late for the showing, it was still a great time!

Oh and I bought a new critter. It’s a Honduran milksnake – a type of kingsnake really. He’s such a cutey. I call him Skittles. I’ll have to get some photos up once he digests his food for me. It’s bad to mess with small snakes after they eat. You could cause them to throw their food up. It’s not pretty and very smelly!

This is so off topic but did anyone see Prehistoric Predators on National Geographic last night? They did something on prehistoric wolves and smiledons. It was so awesome. I learned so much! Oh and I didn’t know that the closest living relative to the smiledon is a clouded leopard. It too, has overly long canines. How cool! So yea, I’m defintely going to keep track of this series!

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  1. puddingmaster Says:

    heya 🙂 dont know if you remember me, from somwhere else .. hope the user name helps xxx or remebering you as xxvictoriaxx helps either, from AS .. hugz .. Puddin’

    p.s .. superbad .. is absoloutly awesome

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