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Ready for Labor Day weekend!

Posted on August 29th, 2008 by Sweet Victoria

You guys know I love to shop and this is one of the best shopping weekends of the year! Oh I’m so excited! Not that I really need anything else for the jungle, but still girls love to shop. Speaking of the jungle – my departure date draws ever so closssssse. I leave Sept. 14 and will be gone until the 22nd! Oh gosh, I can’t wait – I just wanna pack my bags right now! I also bought these new camera cards so that means I can take about 1000 pix per day – which you better believe me, I can do!

So, I guess by now you guys have seen the 2008 football compilation! Oh I love, love, loooooove it! Best one in my opinion! See, another great thing about fall…fooootballlllll!!!!

Alright, on that note – I’m gonna turn on ESPN!

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So humid…

Posted on August 6th, 2008 by Sweet Victoria

I’m tired of summer…hahaha

I’m looking foward to fall this year. I’ve always loved the colors – the oranges and maroons, browns and golds…ah. Oh and we all know that fall means foooooootballllll!!!! Go EAGLES!!! In fact, I’ll be shooting this years football video very, very soon. I just need to pick up a few supplies ;)

I hope this year’s video is gonna be uber hotness!!

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