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Go Fightin’ Phils!

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by Sweet Victoria

Who would have thought that the Phillies would even make it to the World Series?

And now, they are just one win away from winning!?!?!

Can you guys believe last night? Howard is finalllly out of his slump and even our pitcher got a HR!

I think it’s destiny, considering the last WS the Phils won was in 80!

2 Responses to “Go Fightin’ Phils!”

  1. plnelson Says:

    Does Sweet Victoria have her own modeling website or is she just a CWH model? She’s very pretty but I only see her in a CWH context. Where is she located? Does she model independently? (she should – she’s too pretty to just do the cam thing)

  2. gotrek Says:

    Well, as You see, they made it;)
    But actually, I have one question I’d like to ask You. One of your videos, the one with police outfir – can You please, pretty please check the name of the song from that video? I know it’s a remix of Taylor Dane – Tell it to my heart…

    I know, that maybe it’s not the right place to ask about it, but I’ve just spend 3h looking for this one.

    Anyway, go Philles! (yes, we know them in Norway;)

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