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Posted on November 15th, 2008 by Sweet Victoria

Well, I’m doing a bit of cleaning after the party last night. Nothing too major – easy :)

I’ve been watching a marathon of Survivorman on Science Channel. I was really sad to read in the news that he’s filming the last few episodes and that’s it. The end of Survivorman. I always watch his show and I enjoy it much better than Man V. Wild. Right now, he’s in the Rockies – always a fun time. I can’t believe someone can actually survive for a week on berries and mushrooms alone. He must have the world’s toughest stomach. LOL

I think in a bit, I’m going to do a little bit of shopping as I really want to find a pair of knee highs for fall. Wish me luck in the urban Serengetti :P

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  1. Omnipotente Says:

    Hey Victoria –

    Hey, it’s D~ (I did the rotoscoping for your lightsaber pix a couple of years ago – time goes by fast, no?) Congrats on the continuing success of your modeling career. Any interest in making a lightsaber VIDEO?

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